BREAKING NEWS: Interpol puts WikiLeaks Founder Assange on Most-Wanted List

Just in: Interpol has put WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on its most-wanted listed. The official reason is that Sweden asked Interpol to put a “red notice” on the radical leftist and enemy of the United States because he’s suspected of raping a Swedish citizen. The request came after a Swedish court issued an international arrest [...]

Fools at Huffington Post Lament the Death of the George Soros Funded Washington Independent

The George Soros founded website the Washington Independent will cease to exist, come December 1. The reason is, according to the obscure website’s admirers at the Huffington Post, the worldwide economic crisis. Pajamas Media‘s Bryan Preston knows better, however. The Indy isn’t going down because the American economy is still sagging – despite all the [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives: Hats off to a condemned man

This article originally appeared at Salon, on March 1, 1999. Let’s begin by acknowledging the obvious: I am the last person Christopher Hitchens wants to see defending him in his current imbroglio with White House henchman and ex-friend Sidney Blumenthal. Like them, Hitchens and I were also once political comrades, though we were never quite proximate [...]

The Dragon Is Out of the Hat: Moderate Democrats Waste No Time Before Rebelling

Moderate Democrats Paul Begala and Evan Bayh wasted no time after the election before rebelling against the true losers of yesterday’s elections: the left-wing of the Democratic Party, led by President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Here’s Begala: Yes, President Obama and the Democrats need to move to the center. Fortunately, that does not [...]

Negative Campaigning: An Age Old Strategy

There’s a lot of talk these days about how negative political campaigns have become. I’m sure you’ve heard people (especially those who are a bit older) say something similar to this: “It’s all negative, they’re not talking about the issues, but about each other’s character. It’s one big smear campaign, all the time. That was [...]

Wanted: Bloggers

NewsReal Blog’s Team MvdG is looking for new and energetic conservative bloggers. If you are passionate about politics and if you understand that there’s no taking prisoners in the political war we’re fighting against the Left, you might just be the perfect fit for us. My team’s members have to be able to write clear, [...]

David Horowitz’s Archives: How to Defeat the Left

I’ve been following the Newsreal debate between Phyllis Chesler and Jamie Glazov on the one hand and Naomi Wolf, who thinks America, the most “liberated” country on the face of the earth by any — any — progressive standard (treatment of minorities, of women, of the poor, freedom of the individual), is a proto-fascist state [...]

Glenn Beck Is Having Health Issues

Fox News and talk radio host Glenn Beck just said on his morning radio show that he’s having tremendous physical problems nowadays. His eyes are apparently deteriorating and there’s a host of other physical issues he’s trying to deal with. He’ll take next week Monday and Tuesday off, to go to a hospital where they’ll [...]

Who’s Polarizing Now?

Remember how leftists were accusing Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck of being a polarizing figure after and especially before his “Restoring Honor” rally? He was too outspoken, not nuanced enough. Well, how about this? MSNBC’s Ed Schultz at “One Nation”: “We must fight the forces of evil – the conservatives.” He went on [...]

Fiscal Conservatism With an Attitude: Top 5 of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Showing Progressives His Teeth (1)

In little to no time, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey has become one of the most beloved and admired conservatives in the country. Christie, a son of an Irish father and a Sicilian mother, has a simple approach to politics: he’s always honest, afraid of no one, and speaks truth to power. If some people don’t [...]