Fiscal Conservatism With an Attitude: Top 5 of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Showing Progressives His Teeth

In little to no time, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey has become one of the most beloved and admired conservatives in the country. Christie, a son of an Irish father and a Sicilian mother, has a simple approach to politics: he’s always honest, afraid of no one, and speaks truth to power. If some people don’t [...]

Republicans Would Rather Fight Each Other than Obama

It’s fascinating to see the civil war that broke out recently among conservatives. The Tea Party movement took on moderate candidates (for Congress and the Senate) they declared ‘RINO’s’ (because they were moderate in their social, and often also in their fiscal views), while the conservative establishment fought back by labeling Tea Party activists naive [...]

Castle Goes Nuclear on O’Donnell in Delaware

The Sept. 14 Republican primary in Delaware is one of the exciting races in the country right now. It’s current representative is Mike Castle. He is facing a serious challenge by Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell. Interestingly enough, conservatives are divided about the question whom to support. Some, such as the folks at National Review, [...]

After 1.5 Years of Obama, Everybody’s Longing for the Days of Bush

Victor Davis Hanson wrote a fantastic column for Pajamas Media, in which he tries to explain why former President George W. Bush is now more liked than his successor, also known as the secular messiah, President Barack Obama. He lists ten such reasons, every single one of the convincing. A small selection of the most [...]

Dishonored: The Real Racist Face of the Anti-Beck Left Exposed

YouTube user praterpost produced a fantastic video featuring tweets written by leftists during and after Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally last Sunday in Washington DC. It is a must watch for those who have yet to come to grips with the true nature of the Left, and the tactics it uses to destroy all those [...]

Restoring Honor, with Glenn Beck and NewsReal Blog

Get ready for it: two of NewsReal Blog‘s contributors, Mark Meed and Michael Merritt, will attend Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally and report about it for all of us. “Restoring Honor” promises to be a fantastic event, that could have a major impact politically and, perhaps, culturally. Fox News has been promoting it for weeks [...]

Thomas Friedman Explains Why Leftists Want to Regulate the Internet

In his book The World Is Flat New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman perfectly explains why modern day leftists want to regulate the Internet: Nevertheless, this period from 11/9 [the launch of web browser Netscape] to the mid-1990s led to a huge advance in personal empowerment. Looking back, one can say that it was the [...]

The Left’s War on the Army Continued: Soldier in Uniform Refused Service in Supermarket

This report is so outrageous, I don’t know where to begin. It’s the result of the war the European Left has been waging on our servicemen and -women for decades: Sapper Anthony Walls, of the 21 Engineer Regiment, went to the Co-op in Croydon to buy beer after a gruelling 34-hour journey home from Kandahar. [...]

The Art of Political War

After our managing editor and my good friend, David Swindle, published a post about Shirley Sherrod and the art of political war, I decided to finally read the DHFC’s pamphlet The Art of Political War for Tea Parties. I say “finally,” because I told myself to read it for a month or so by now, [...]

Julian Assange: Opportunistic Traitor With Blood on His Hands

We already published a headline linking to this piece at the Telegraph (UK), but I felt we also should run a post dedicated to Julian Assange’s treason.
The founder of Wikileaks goes on CNN, MSNBC  and whichever other network that’ll have him, to defend himself and his horrendous Wikileaks project. He’s all about “transparency” and “democracy,” [...]