Tamera Mowry Is Not Alone


When it comes to conservatives, leftists don’t hold back their hatred of interracial relationships.

Common Core and the EduTech Abyss

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 12.35.52 AM

How filthy rich tech giants like Apple and Google will make a killing from federal regulations.

The Gifts of Jahi


A tragic lesson in the horrific union of the Nanny State and Big Medicine.

Cruciphobia at Mt. Soledad


The cross the Left can’t bear.

Arne Duncan’s War on Women and Children


“White suburban moms” fight back.

Hollywood’s Favorite Sleazeball Shutterbug


Why are celebrity elite silent to Terry Richardson’s sexual abuse and harassment of women?

ObamaCare’s Bros and Hos


The new lows of the president’s degrading propaganda.

The White House Fable Factory

Brack Obama, Kathleen Sebelius

Phony tales built Obamacare. Real stories will bring it down.

The Thuggery of Obamacare Czarina Kathleen Sebelius


The Obama administration’s brass-knuckles approach to keeping ailing businesses in line.

Obamacare’s Electronic Medical Records Wreck


The other side of the health care reform disaster.