The Three Steps To Mounting An Attack on Rep. John Boehner

It’s election season, you’re an administration that’s down on its luck, and it seems like the House of Representatives, currently controlled by your party, will be handed over to the opposition next January. You need some way to prevent that or, at the very least, limit the damage. How best to accomplish this goal? Attack [...]

Al Sharpton’s Creditors Need to Stop Being So Racist

Man, can’t Al Sharpton ever catch a break? First his counter-rally to Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor attracts only 3,000 people, about 3% of the lowest estimate of the attendance at Restoring Honor. Now I read that his non-profit civil rights group, National Action Network, may have to file for bankruptcy because it can’t pay its [...]

Restoring Honor Calls for Heroes, Sacrifice and Faith in God

Saturday’s Restoring Honor Rally featured a number of concepts, among them faith, hope, charity, sacrifice, unity, the power of one person, as well as honoring existing and future heroes. I’d like to add another one: size. As in, the size of the audience was somewhat overwhelming. As an example, I’ll use my trip to the [...]

Where Ground Zero Mosque Is Concerned, A Better Message Is Needed

On Friday, Ryan Mauro wrote an article criticizing Jon Stewart for not understanding why 70% of Americans are against the Ground Zero mosque.  While I agree with Ryan’s critique on Stewart’s dismissal of his fellow citizens’ concerns, I do believe the segment Stewart ran has something to teach us. The first lesson is that the [...]

Will Lindsey Graham Be a Part of His Feared “Unholy Alliance?”

Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union, Senator Lindsey Graham worried that Democrats and some Republicans could form an “unholy alliance” in order to de-fund the War in Afghanistan if there doesn’t not appear to be any significant achievement by next year:
That there are some Republicans who are not going to take a, you know, [...]

Shirley Sherrod’s Real Sin is Her Marxist Outlook on Society

The video Andrew Breitbart released on Monday featuring former USDA Georgia Rural Development Director Shirley Sherrod, where she recounted how she had withheld help from a white farmer who was facing foreclosure on his property, appeared to reveal yet more evidence that Barack Obama is quite comfortable working with racists. Except that not all was [...]