Israel Quietly Fights Terror as PA Stands Idly By


The Palestinian Authority does the usual to stop Palestinian terrorism.

The Obama ‘Framework’ for Israel’s Doom

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The president’s plan to secure his legacy by putting the screws to the Jewish State.

The Palestinian Statehood Idea Begins to Crumble


Why even leftists are giving up on the cause.

Blasting Israel Makes Strange Bedfellows


Bipartisan hate at the J Street conference.

The Religious Dogma of Palestinian Statehood


The hysterical reaction of true believers when an article of faith is challenged.

Terror Ties Won’t Go Away for U.S. Senate Candidate


CAIR ally to make a second run for Congress.

The Outstretched Hand: Symbol of Palestinian ‘Revolution’

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The international community’s billions of dollars in handouts to the Palestinians.

Poverty Doesn’t Cause Terrorism


Debunking the Obama administration’s suggestion that terrorists just need jobs.

Obama’s Anti-Netanyahu Boycott Is Collapsing


Why the president’s plan to punish the Israeli prime minister backfired.

Why Do 80% of Palestinians Support Murder?


The one issue that unifies Palestinians more than any other.