The Outstretched Hand: Symbol of Palestinian ‘Revolution’

David Ip_flickrcommons_1

The international community’s billions of dollars in handouts to the Palestinians.

Poverty Doesn’t Cause Terrorism


Debunking the Obama administration’s suggestion that terrorists just need jobs.

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Palestinians Being Evicted in Gaza


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An American Joins the ‘PC Terrorists’


Some terrorists are more sympathetic than others — especially if their victims are Jewish Israelis.

Ottawa Attack: Contrasting the Mothers of Terrorists


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Indyk’s Yom Kippur War on Israel

Martin Indyk

The former U.S. envoy for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations shows what side he’s really on.

Rejecting U.S. Support for Palestinian ‘Ethnic Purification’


Benjamin Netanyahu’s bold rebuke of Obama’s push for segregation in Jerusalem.

An Illegal Arab Settlement in the West Bank?


Where is the international outrage?