UC Irvine Hillel Forces Cancellation of Pro-Israel Speaker


No place for conservative Jewish students — or their speakers.

‘Justice Tourism’s’ Dangerous Agenda


The anti-Israel tourism industry is much more extensive than most realize.

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The ‘Flytilla': Brought to You by Friends of the Olive Tree Initiative


The controversial UC Irvine program continues to discredit itself.

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The Patrons of Anti-Israelism


Media reports whitewash the facts behind the Olive Tree Initiative — and its powerful supporters.

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Suppressing Speech at UC Santa Barbara


May 26: Round II of the battle between David Horowitz and campus apologists for Islamic extremism.

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A Chapter That Should Be Expelled from Hillel


Jewish leadership in Irvine helps a terrorist front group infiltrate the campus.

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Take Action Against the Delegitimization of Israel Today


Voice your objection to the boycott of the Jewish State.

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Does Radical Muslim Malik Ali Speak for the Yorba Linda Islamic Community?


CAIR is up to its usual tricks.

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What’s the Matter with Boycotting Israel?


How terrorist propaganda became a humanitarian cause celebre.

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Live and Let Die

APTOPIX Italy G8 Summit

The shamefulness of the Obama administration’s inaction on Libya.