Heckled Hard, Obama’s Stump is Strained in Boston as Haiti’s Hell’s on Hold

President Obama carefully weighed his options this weekend. On the front of his desk were The Health of Obamacare and The Health of Haiti.  On this day, our president judged Obamacare to be in more urgent need of his surgical superintendency. Haiti can Waiti. At this point, he had already dispatched Hillary, and he has [...]

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SNL Serves Obama a Prodigious Piece of Palin Pie and Highlights The Audacity of Broke

Five Star Unafraid Comedy returns to SNL as they lambaste the presumptuousness and cocky naivete of President Barack Obama.  The skit involves a recent Joint Press Conference in Beijing with Obama and President Hu Jintao.

Naturally, assuming the lead role, Obama (who else?) opens the conference with his typical, arrogant, oratory, and dictates to Jintao [...]

The White House Party Crash of 2009: When the Comedy subsides, the Ominous Tragedy Chills

Editor’s Note: For additional NewsReal coverage of this story click here and here.
It is true. You already know about it. Tareq and Michaela Sahali weaseled their way through White House security and crashed the State party. What in the world were they thinking?  And what in the world is the world thinking?
As I’m typing this [...]

Leaked Emails at Climate Research Unit Smash Global Warming Hysteria

Well, somebody went and hacked into the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia in the U.K. last week. They came out with a bundle of 62 Megs-worth of what appears to be incriminating communication between Climate Change scientists – some 72 documents and 1079 emails in all. And then they went [...]

MSNBC Covers the Poor Economy’s Symptoms and Consequences But Can’t Fathom the Causes

Plaudits to MSNBC’s, Dylan Ratigan, for covering a story that might have easily gone unnoticed during a week filled with a profusion of big news stories.  These stories include:

The mentally deranged, mass murderer of Fort Hood, which certain “fringe bigots” are trying to call an act of jihadist terrorism
The good Afghanistan War of  possibly, but possibly not, [...]