How Obama’s Economics Will De-Fund Churches


What the failed socialist experiment tells us.

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Sharia Vigilante Street Justice in America


An Arab poet pays the price for expressing love for the Jews — in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Russian Blondes Wanted for Islamic Sexual Slavery


A Kuwaiti Muslim woman stands up for a highly respected Islamic tradition.

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Solving Poverty — The Islamic Way


An Islamic leader in Egypt tells the truth about how Muslims should get rich.

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Why It Took Ten Years


How many Muslims preferred to protect Bin Laden rather than hand him over to America?

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Former Muslims Excluded From King Hearings


Whose civil rights are really violated in America?

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Islam’s “Uncovered-Meat” Excuse for Sexual Assault


Understanding what happened to Lara Logan through the education of Muslim men.

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The Brotherhood Amongst Us


How Obama empowered Islamists not only in the Muslim world, but in America.

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Dictatorships and Egyptians


The Left blames the U.S. for Mubarak, but who is really responsible for the region’s despots?

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Dictatorships and Revolutions


As an Egyptian Muslim raised during the generation of the 1952 Egyptian revolution, I see history repeating itself.

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