The Islamic Way of Disagreement


Two Arabic TV shows reveal the nature of “dialogue” in the Muslim world.

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Throwing Apostates to the Wolves


Why do Islamic activists refuse to sign a petition repudiating Islamic laws condemning former Muslims to death?

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Ground Zero Imam Exposed Off-Mic


Why is a “Sufi” cleric bragging that his “cultural center” has a “foreign policy” section that will develop “strategy action plays”?

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9/11, 2061 Memorial


A U.S. president delivers an uplifting speech at the 60th Sept. 11 anniversary at the Cordoba House mosque.

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Sharia for Dummies


Imam Feisal Abdel Rauf claims that the U.S. Constitution is Sharia compliant. Oh, let us count the ways.

Why Obama Bullies Karzai


What explains Afghanistan being the only corrupt Islamic government the President has a problem with?

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To Kill an Apostate


The double talk from the “Religion of Peace” continues.

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Death to Deserters


The Egyptian family that faces a death sentence for its conversion to Christianity.

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Terrorizing Muslim Women


It’s high time to be honest about the sadistic misogyny of Sharia.

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Muslim Lies and Videotape


The PR war to demonize Israel strikes again.