Terrorizing Muslim Women


It’s high time to be honest about the sadistic misogyny of Sharia.

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Muslim Lies and Videotape


The PR war to demonize Israel strikes again.

Brennan’s Lessons on Jihad


The Deputy National Security Advisor says it’s all about an inner spiritual journey, but what do Jihadists and Islamic teachings say?

Take That Taliban


Why, instead of celebrating female beauty and freedom, is the Obama administration supporting enforced coverings for Muslim women?

Appeasing the Muslim Brotherhood


How Obama’s policies are facilitating a potential Islamist take-over in Egypt.

A Letter to Gaza


Why did your culture end up valuing hate over love and death over life?

My Princeton Experience

Nonie Darwish

Why do Muslims become “the offended group” when Muslim hate speech and violence is exposed?

Islamic Indoctrination vs. Education


Why are Islamist “guest speakers” brainwashing students at New York’s Clarence High School?

Obama’s New Year Gift to the Saudi King – by Nonie Darwish


How the KSM trial in New York will boost Muslim clerics’ call for hate and justifications for 9/11.

Terror Arrests and the “Misunderstood” Religion – by Nonie Darwish


When will we have the courage to believe our own perceptions?