Bernanke Might Have a Bailout Button, But The Economy Does Not Have a Steering Wheel

It’s comforting to think of the economy as a high-powered race car, zooming in and out of turns and accelerating on the straightaway.  The analogy is comforting, in part, because it gives the impression that a master technician is in control of the economy.  And, even better, the driver has a pit crew standing by [...]

Bill Ayers Set to Retire, Student Test Scores Expected to Rise

As an academic I’ve always wondered whether top administrators have any idea who I am, much less what I’m doing in the classroom.  I’ve been mistaken for a student at two different universities, and one administrator recently asked if I was one of the new assistant football coaches.  The Dean of my college (the College [...]

Can the Wal-Mart Nation Restore the Constitution?

Everyone loves to hate Wal-Mart, but millions of people still shop there.  In graduate school, my India-born finance professor reminded us why: because being able to drive a short distance to buy virtually anything you need is truly amazing.  It’s something too many Americans take for granted, even though we are a consumer nation.
In fact, [...]

Top Educator Admits He Has No Handle On the Problem, Insists He Knows How to Fix It

In this week’s Inside Higher Ed, Garrison Walters drops (what should be) a proverbial atomic bomb.  Walters, executive director of the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education, doesn’t just want to improve higher education, he wants to change our entire culture.  With only a modest increase in funding, of course.
The main challenge facing higher education, [...]

Biden Visits Louisiana, Refuses to Answer Questions, Leaves Behind Giant Rocks

No matter how badly the oil spill devastates their economy, the people of south Louisiana can rest assured they will have something to put in their Christmas stockings this year – rocks.  As Vice President Joe Biden (who’s opposed to drilling in Alaska) took his obligatory visit to south LA, he assured everyone the federal [...]

Sugar Stalinists Eager to Build Fast Food Gulags in Obama’s First Term

Now the food police want to send fast food patrons and purveyors to reeducation camps in San Francisco.  OK, not really.  But if you eat fast food, they do want to stigmatize you, tax you, and reeducate you.  Just ask MeMe Roth, founder of  National Action Against Obesity, and others on the Left who are [...]