Obama Promise Foiled: No Where to Go for Gitmo

Looks like President Obama won’t get to shut Gitmo as promised – at least any time soon.

NewsReal Sunday: Pelosi Instructs Clergy To Preach Amnesty From Their Pulpits

Pelosi distorts the Constitution, laws, and the Bible all to promote amnesty.

Smarmy Sanchez: Glenn Beck Pulls No Punches Against Sanchez.

Glenn Beck lays the smackdown on CNN’s Rick Sanchez.

NewsReal Sunday: Pastors Beware! UK Arrested Someone for Preaching.

Preacher arrested in the UK for saying homosexuality is a sin. What happened to religious liberty?

Florida State Senator Views Porn During Abortion Debate

Fl State Senator ignores the people’s business during key abortion debate and open pornographic email attachment.

Morocco May Be Moving Hard Line Muslim With Christian Crackdown

Morocco, a once moderate Muslim nation appears to be shifting more radical by kicking out foreign Christians and harassing local ones.

Is Obama Inciting Racial Violence in Arizona?

Is anyone in the media pointing out that Obama might be inciting racial violence in Arizona?

NewsReal Sunday: Does Our Country Have a Prayer?

A court has called the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional. Dems and Republicans agree to fight it. But what we need even more than fighting for prayer is for us to actually pray.

SEC More Interested In Watching Porn Than Wall Street

Top SEC staffers spent all their time viewing porn instead of being the watchdog of big business.

NewsReal Sunday: Record Breaking Deficits Will Enslave Our Children

Obama’s spending is far worse than those before him and will bury our children in debt. February’s deficit spending numbers were more than ALL of 2007.