Same Mission to Mars: But Bush Attacked and Obama Applauded

Obama announces going to Mars like Bush did – but gets praised instead of pummeled. Journalism bias is all too obvious.

Women’s Mag Publisher Tells CNN: Palin is Larry the Cable Guy w/o Class & Intelligence

Magazine publisher shamelessly slams Palin on CNN.

Obama Administration to Gay Couples: Disregard Federal Law and “Queer the Census”

Obama Administration is using tax dollars, lies, and U.S. Census to push gay marriage.

Democrats Prove Disconnect in Announcement of November Strategy

Democrats actually believe blaming Bush and pointing to healthcare will get them wins in November.

Porn Debate On NewsReal: Let’s Get Some Facts

New research has proven that pornography is harmful to culture, families, and marriages.

Obama Loses Man Card: His Little White (Sox) Lie

Obama can’t name a single White Sox player from the past. Obvious he lied about being a fan for political cred with regular folk.

CNN Journalist Seems To Think All Black Anchors Look Alike

CNN reporter confuses which CNN black anchor she is talking to. Imagine the result if it was on Fox News.

The Left’s Naked Confession: Illinois Congressman Admits Socialized Medicine Trumps Constitution

Shocking! Illinois Congressman admits he puts socialized medicine above the constitution.

Public School Helps 15 Year Old Get Abortion Without Parents’ Knowledge

A public school in Seattle counseled and sent a 15 year old to have a free abortion without telling her parents.

Behind Closed Doors, Obama Will Sign the Stupak Sell-Out Executive Order

Obama to sign executive order to supposedly not allow abortion funding – and he does it in hiding.