Smarmy Sanchez, Part 14: From Smarmy to Anti-Semitic (the new norm for the Left?)

Rick Sanchez gets fired for making anti-Semitic remarks that many on the Left appear to agree with.

Children Under Sharia Law, Part 4: Kids See Dad Killed, Forced to Convert and Train for Terror

Man is killed is shot in front of his family. 4 Children are then kidnapped to become part of army of terror in Somalia.

Texas Fights For Us All Against Pro-Islamic Textbooks

The Texas Board of Education is debating new standards for Social Studies books. They are ready to stop using books that clearly whitewash the history of Islam while attacking Christianity’s past.

Obama’s Aunt Says America Took Advantage of Her by Giving Her Free Housing and Healthcare

The President’s Aunt Zeituni does CBS interview claiming America has mistreated her even though she has been given money, housing, and healthcare as a former illegal immigrant.

NewsReal Sunday: The President Finally Goes to Church

President Obama took his family to church this morning for the first time in six months. It was a good political move, but he ought to do more of that if he truly takes his faith seriously.

Weiner Leads Congressional Attack on Beck Advertiser. The New Fairness Doctrine?

Congressman Weiner hopes to silence Beck and others on the right by attacking their advertisers with tax funded blind assaults.

Smarmy Sanchez, Part 13: GOP Choice for NY’S Next Governor Puts Sanchez in His Place

NY GOP Primary winner for Governor is too straight forward for progressive spin master Sanchez.

NewsReal Sunday: Embarrassed Christians Overreact to Koran Burning By Promoting Islam

Christians afraid of offending Muslims are actually promoting Islam.

Is Florida Pastor Just Threatening Koran Burning to Prove Violence of Islam?

Violence around the Muslim world in reaction to possible Koran burning might be all Florida ‘pastor’ really wanted.

Drop the Jihad Plans, Florida ‘Pastor’ Changes Mind on Koran Burning – For Now

Crazy Florida calls off Koran burning but then says they might still do it. It all depends on what happens with the Ground Zero mosque.