Children Under Sharia Law, Part 3: Chechen Girls Not Wearing Headscarves Targeted with Violence During Ramadan

Horrible acts of violence on women of all ages in Chechnya by Muslim men not approving of female attire. The Russian government does nothing as Sharia spreads.

NewsReal Sunday: USA Today Compares Glenn Beck to Jeremiah Wright

USA Today writer says Beck wants to be a prophet like Wright – only he is worse.

New York High School Exam Praises Islam and Attacks Christianity

New York schools are giving tests to high schoolers that whitewash and promote the history of the spread of Islam, all while attacking the history of Christianity.

James Carville Says We Didn’t Win Iraq War

Carville thinks we lost the war. Obama disagrees but what about others on the Left?

CNN’s Mosque Tolerance Roadtrip Backfires!

CNN goes on 3 mosque tour to show how tolerant and peaceful Islam is. Unfortunately one of the mosques they choose kicks them out because of terrorist connections.

NewsReal Sunday: Eric Holder Sets His Targets on Pro-Lifers

Eric Holder takes a pro-lifer to court. Is this a warning to all pro-lifers?

Shocking Ad Blames Ground Zero Mosque Opponents for Cab Driver Stabbing

Leftist organization makes video ad blaming politicians against a Ground Zero mosque for stabbing of Muslim cab driver.

My Phone Call With the First Lady of the Ground Zero Mosque

Daisy Khan talks Ground Zero mosque with me and others – enter the spin zone.

The Left Against Ads Reaching Out to Women Who Fear ‘Honor Killings’

Helpful ads helping women are hated by some on the Left because of who made them.

Powerful Video: These Voices Don’t Speak For The Rest Of Us

Dem leaders are clearly out of touch with America.