Coming to America: Sharia in Britain and its 17,000 ‘Honor’ Attacks on Women A Year

The spread of Sharia in Britain has coincided with the spread of violence to children and women there. The same is being seen in America and more appears to be on its way.

Ground Zero Imam: “I call America a Sharia compliant state”.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf thinks Sharia and America have a lot in common. The man behind the mosque at Ground Zero wants to spread Sharia Law in America.

Secret Lovers: Same-sex Marriage and Immigration Reform

Same-sex marriage groups are joining up in the illegal immigration battle to make both groups stronger.

NewsReal Sunday: Loyola Professor Analyzes Obama’s Shrewd Use of Scriptures

Research shows Obama uses Scripture to push his policies. He keeps it pluralistic and pragmatic.

Washington Grocery Company Boycotts Israeli Products

Grocery company says no more in their stores food from Jews in Israel.

Children Under Sharia Law, Part 2: Raped Foreign 14-Year-Old Girl Gets 6 Month Prison Sentence in UAE

Update on 14 year old girl raped in UAE by school bus driver. She has been sentenced to six months in jail and deportation.

LA Times Lies About Dangers of Sharia Law and Islamists

LA Times is dead wrong in why they support a mosque at Ground Zero. They are either lying or ignorant of the facts.

Obama Helps Buy Kenya Abortion and Sharia Law with 23 Million of Our Dollars

Obama uses our our money to help pass a new Kenyan constitution that will allow abortion on demand and sharia law for Muslims.

Hot Post:Children Under Sharia Law Part 1: Foreign Girl Raped in UAE Could Face 80 lashes or stoning.

Raped teenager becomes the accused under Sharia law in UAE.

Pro-Choice Pelosi Flustered When Reporter Asks When The Word (Jesus) Became Flesh

Pelosi was public about Jesus shaping public policy until a reporter asked her when Jesus was the Word in the flesh – at conception or birth.