Children Under Sharia Law Part 1: Foreign Girl Raped in UAE Could Face 80 lashes or stoning.

Raped teenager becomes the accused under Sharia law in UAE.

NewsReal Sunday: Florida “Church” to Burn Koran on 9-11 and the Left Loves It!

An idiot small group claiming to be a ‘church’ in Florida is going to burn Korans, and the left-leaning media is happy to join with Islamists to use the story to promote their agenda.

Smarmy Sanchez, Part 12: Ann Coulter Blasts Rick Sanchez in Debate

CNN’s Rick Sanchez tries to battle Ann Coulter on live TV and goes down for the count.

Guardian’s Tomasky in 2008: “We need to throw chairs” to Silence Stories on Jeremiah Wright

Journalists like Michael Tomasky and others tried to silence stories on Jeremiah Wright in 2008 and have lost any credibility they had. This is an in depth look at Guardian America editor Michael Tomasky’s roll in this story.

Biden Fined $219K For Campaign Violations

Biden had major errors and accepted illegal contribution in his 2008 Presidential campaign. Now he has to pay the US government major fines.

NewsReal Sunday: The Left Calls Glenn Beck an Anti-Semite

Glenn Beck is attacked as a Jew hater.

Promise Broken: $160 Million for Abortions in Pennsylvania by Obamacare!

$160 million of the American people’s money will be available for almost any kind of abortion in Pennsylvania. What happened to the promises of Obamacare?

Study Shows Convicted Felons Helped Al Franken Steal the Election

New research shows Al Franken won his Senate seat because hundreds of felons votes were not cast out as illegal.

Glenn Beck University Announced, Olbermann and The Left Foam at the Mouth

The Left mocks Glenn Beck University as a way of trying to destroy it before it starts.

NewsReal Sunday: Christopher Hitchens has Cancer – a Christian Response

Angry atheist Christopher Hitchens gets cancer – how should Christians respond?