The History Lesson So Desperately Needed By Israel’s Detractors

Unable to defeat Israel on the battlefield or intimidate her by decades of terror her Muslim tormentors have anxiously turned to a different strategy. In defiance of the mountains of historical and archeological facts, let alone the biblical evidence, they have embarked on a strenuous effort to turn history upside down and wage a campaign to prove that Israel and the Jews have no legal right to the Land of Israel and that it should always have been a land over which Islamic supremacists hold dominion.

Barack Obama: The Anti-Harry Houdini

After the election of 2008 gave Barack Obama a super majority in both houses of Congress he has proved to be something of a Houdini in reverse. From an ovewhelming position of safety he has quickly escaped to one of danger. He sought to redefine America on a secular scale that is opposite to the [...]

To Burn or Not to Burn: That is the Question

Last week we were treated to yet another lecture by our Lecturer-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama. This time he was animated by the scheduled burning of the Koran by an insignificant pastor in Florida. No allusions to the First Amendment were made such as he gave when he endorsed the construction of the Cordoba Mosque in [...]

J Street’s Blindness to a Declaration of Islamic Victory at Ground Zero

In an article which appeared in the August third edition of the Los Angeles Jewish Journal about the proposed Cordoba Mosque in New York to be built a few hundred yards from Ground Zero it was reported that Mr. Ben-Ami, the president and founder of “J Street” the left wing Jewish advocacy organization, had remarked: [...]

Letter to the Editor: Why AfPN’s David Pine was Heckled and Booed

Below follows Paul Schnee’s letter to the editor of The Jewish Journal, in response to David Pine’s article in last week’s edition entitled “Seeking a Bridge to a Peaceful Two-State Solution.”
Dear Mr. Eshman,
The June 15th. article by Mr. Pine of Americans for Peace Now fails to explain the real reason why he was heckled and booed at [...]