Presumed Guilty

On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace gave Jack Reed, Democratic Senator from Rhode Island, an opportunity to defend the decision to give KSM a civilian trial in New York. After enumerating the many injuries this could cause the country, Wallace asked Reed for one advantage Attorney General Holder’s decision might bring. Reed, well known as [...]

Afghanistan Trending Downward

The Gallup Poll that Fox News has been featuring all day, and other networks have mentioned only sotto voce, has bad news for Barack Obama. Americans have reached a new low in their job optimism. Republicans are ahead in the generic ballot. The President’s own job approval is down.
None of this should surprise anyone who [...]

It Depends On What `Is’ Is: Bill Clinton Jumps into the Obamacare Fiasco

At Fort Hood this morning, Barack Obama honored  the 13 soldiers slaughtered last week. As part of his speech, he paid oblique deference to what the mainstream liberal press is trying mightily to make the dominant narrative of this tragedy when he called it “incomprehensible.”  A high falutin response would be to quote Einstein’s famous [...]

The Darkness Inside Al Capone’s Vault

We expect moral imbecility from Keith Olbermann on issues such as the Fort Hood murders and last night he didn’t disappoint.  Enumerating the pressures Nidal Hassan must have felt, the Countdown host itemized especially Islamophobia (“They keyed his car!) and the brazen assault on the Major’s free speech rights (“And ripped off a bumper sticker!”)
But [...]