When Israel Had a Champion at the UN


Kirkpatrick defended Israel with unyielding critique of UN, charging anti-Israel diplomacy “has nothing to do with peace.”

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The New Attack on Palin? Associate Her with John Edwards


The obsessive attacks on Palin take yet another morbid turn.

Unholy Alliance: Zinn, Chomsky, Bin Laden


The ties that bind two leftist ideologues and an arch terrorist.

Andrew Sullivan Unhinged – by Peter Collier


The blogger as slavish Obama apologist.

Presumed Guilty – by Peter Collier


Why KSM must be licking his chops and praising Allah.

The Spin Starts Here – by Peter Collier


The Left springs to action to protect St. Obama from blame.

The Spin Starts Here

The Dems are spinning so hard today that the earth may be in danger of flying off its axis.  Some of the intellectual chaos they have generated was on display this afternoon on Chris Matthews’ “Hardball.”
Admittedly, being on the Matthews’ show is a challenge for guests, who have to struggle to get a word in [...]

The Right’s Resurrection – by Peter Collier


The media prepares to spin today’s elections’ conservative comeback.

23 Skidoo

MSNBC correspondents David Schuster and Tamron Hall spent some time trying to shape the battlefield for tomorrow’s elections in their afternoon news show today. They featured DNC Chairman (and outgoing Virginia governor) Tim Kaine, an oddly implausible fellow who tried to test run the narrative by which his Party plans to snatch victory out of [...]

Sex, Lies and Sarah


Last night, Lawrence O’Donnell, substituting somewhat grimly for the convulsive Keith Olbermann, closed “Countdown” by recycling—almost in its entirety—a CBS Morning  News interview with Levi Johnston as a way of replaying the deadbeat dude’s charge that Sarah called baby Trig a “retard” and his threat to unload “something huge” on  her if Palin came back [...]