Is Marital Rape a Crime in America or Is It a Muslim Religious Right?

Yesterday, I wrote about a recent New Jersey appellate decision which reversed a lower court ruling which had refused to grant a battered and maritally raped woman a “final restraining order.” This kind of decision—and worse—is made every day in the American court system, and it exposes battered women and abused children to horrific suffering, [...]

“Normal” Domestic Violence in Morocco is a Crime in the United States

So sayeth the Superior Court of New Jersey Appellate Division.
On July 31, 2008, a couple was married by arrangement in Morocco when the bride was 17 years old. They moved to Bayonne, New Jersey, where the new husband found work as an accountant. The husband’s mother came to live with them.
On November 1st of that [...]

Mel Gibson Redux

What’s the point of moving on to any other subject when this one seems to have gripped our nation, the media, and my own readers? Even my family is engaged in this conversation.
Thus—last night, at dinner, my son and daughter-in-law urged me to consider the possibility that the Gibson tapes were doctored, spliced-and-diced; that Grigorieva [...]

Syria Bans Face Veil, British Minister and American Feminists Defend the Burqa

Syria—yes, Syria—Bashar Asad’s Syria–has just banned full face veils in their universities.
According to Syria’s minister of higher education, “All female students wearing the full face veil will be barred from Syrian university campuses … the niqab contradicts university ethics and compromises the government’s secular identity.”
Amazingly, the Minister confirmed that “hundreds of primary school teachers [...]

Why France Is Leading the Way In the Battle for Women’s Freedom

On July 13, the day before Bastille Day, France stood up for “la liberté, l’égalité, la sororité,” for the rights of French women and for Western values when the French lower house of parliament approved the ban on face veils. Even the French communists caved in to feminist pressure and did not oppose this ban. [...]

Muslim Women Are On Fire—Both Actually and “Culturally”

In Afghanistan, the women are setting themselves aflame, choosing an awful, fiery death rather than one more awful beating at the hands of a husband and a mother-in-law. Amazingly, when the mainstream media finally writes about this precise tragedy in Afghanistan, it still carefully manages not to use the words “Muslim” or “Islam.” For example, [...]

Muslim Honor Killing Elephants in the Room at the New York Times

From my latest piece at Pajamas Media:
Yesterday I posted a piece at FOX about the mainstream media’s extensive coverage of honor killings—but only if they are committed by Hindus and in faraway India. These media outlets will not use the word “honor killing” and “Muslim” or “honor killing” and “Islam” in the same sentence. For [...]

Are Some Honor Killings More Equal Than Others?

If an honor killing is committed by Muslims in North America, chances are you won’t read about it in the mainstream American media, except perhaps locally, and briefly. However, if the honor killing has been perpetrated by Hindus or Sikhs, and in faraway India, the crime merits prominent treatment in The Washington Post, The Los [...]

An Avalanche of Anti-Israel Propaganda

Is The New York Times on The White House Payroll?
There is an avalanche of hatred bearing down on Israel. I fear it might be too late to stem this “blood-dimmed” tide and its fearful consequences.
The state of Israel was envisioned, not only as a way to rescue Holocaust survivors and Jews who were persecuted [...]

Wonder Woman the Non-American: How Soon Will She Be Wearing A Burqa?

Once, back in the 1960s and 1970s, multiculturalism and globalization seemed like the best way forward. How could one culture, one country, speak for the entire world?  Why not absorb and embrace all cultures, many cultures?
Or so we thought back in the day.
But back in the 1940s, no one challenged the fact that the amazing [...]