Italy and Europe to Rally for Israel

I have been writing about a possible Second Holocaust against the Jewish state for a long time now. I am pleased—but that is not the right word—I am saddened, sobered, frightened, by the fact that others have now joined me in this view. Many of the distinguished academic presenters at Yale University’s superb conference on [...]

Tyrants Like Ahmadinejad Need to Be Challenged

Obama’s silence equals American complicity. Yesterday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad loudly slammed shut the door that President Obama insists is still wide open. In a rant at the United Nations, Amadinejad sounded just like newly convicted Pakistani-American Al-Qaeda terrorist, Aafiya Siddiqui, who was just sentenced to 86 years. Both the President and the Lady scientist-turned-terrorist [...]

Female Troubles on the West Bank

It’s the 1960s all over again, and I am talking about the dark side, not the glamorous, glorious side. What is happening on the West Bank reminds me of the American 1960s, when idealistic young white and Jewish women, who thought they were volunteering for Martin Luther King’s non-violent movement for black civil rights, found [...]

Muslim Summit Backs Cordoba House Mosque

Muslim groups have just called for “tolerance.” They “decry bigotry.” The Muslim leaders said: “We stand for the constitutional right of Muslims and Americans of all faiths to build houses of worship anywhere in our nation as allowed by local laws and regulations…Ground Zero belongs to all Americans.” Technically, these words are both true and [...]

Artists 4 Israel


A group of American dancers, painters, playwrights, and actors band together in defense of the Jewish state.

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Artists Without Borders

Why not? We understand that doctors and other emergency care personnel cross borders and leave their own political point of view behind. If quake victims happen to live under a dictatorship—no matter; if a girl’s face has been burned away by an acid attack, or her nose and ears mutilated by Muslim madmen—no matter; the [...]

A Yom Kippur Prayer For Jews who are “Proud to be Ashamed to Be Jews”

Why Israel? Why the Jews? Why are so many presumably “civilized” people, “good” people, educated people, so eager to join the Jew-hating, death-eating barbarians–century after century, country after country? In the Book of Esther, set in ancient Persia, Haman, the Viceroy, plots the genocidal extermination of the Persian Jews. He tells the King that “There [...]

A New Kind of Theatre: Actors Against Israel

Once, the world’s reigning Hollywood and theatre people were satisfied with their glamour, wealth, fame, and endless, torrid affairs. That is no longer enough. Now, theatre people adopt “causes.” They sign petitions. They march. They make unexpectedly long speeches at the Academy Awards apologizing for America’s extermination of native Indians and for slavery. They adopt [...]

Professors for Hijab


Dr. Gail Dreyfuss suggests it might be time for non-Muslim women to start covering up.

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Let’s All Wear “I Am a Muslim” Pins to Protest “Islamophobia”

So many educated people are afflicted by the equivalent of a blank stare where genuine thought should exist. It’s as if they’re sleepwalkers, oblivious to reality, or under plexiglass, where they can’t hear anything with which they don’t already agree. Here’s a case in point. A woman who identifies herself as a professor at a [...]