Sacred War, Holy War: The Secret Combination of Islam and Communism

Sacred war. The term is a relatively recent one, and no coincidence if you’ve been a careful observer of communism’s growing alliance with Islam. Our communist enemies will gladly achieve with jihad what they failed to achieve with a Cold War.

Three Wise Men Follow a Light in the Sky … Off the Los Angeles Coast

It’s that time of year again: Three Wise Men following a new star.

A shooting star, that is.

And like those ancient oracles, these men of honor know better than others what that star means. That’s why we should once again listen to The Wise Men, for what they have to say is unprecedented.

Brace Yourselves: North Korea Preparing for Nuke Test

Talk about North Korea being the most schizophrenic nation on earth…

My FACEBOOK Profile Now Profiles; Some of Us Aren’t Afraid of the “4″

Remember when profiling was first introduced into the average person’s lexicon? It was around the time of infamous serial killer Ted Bundy. It was applauded as an amazing breakthrough by the law enforcement community, a tool of scientific fact. My dad was a Federal Parole Officer, and I remember him saying how remarkably accurate they were, how he would get chills reading over them once they had the individual in custody, right down to the types of homes they came from, education, profession, relationships, and even sexual dysfunction.

It was a tool that was met with the awe and respect we used to reserve for science and math. And make no mistake; profiling is as scientific as it gets.

MiG Alley Remix; Oh Lord It’s On

So it’s come to this. For the first time in 60 years, the specter of air war is a reality over the Land of the Morning Calm. This is highly significant; it is the first time in almost 6 decades that South Korea has put the option of air strikes back on the table. The first time this century.

Shelling civilians, hidden under water nuke factories, NoKo tunnels under the DMZ, and the South Korean decision to stage air raids on any further NoKo provocations—at long last—certainly makes for exciting times. The promise of air strikes opens the possibility of a repeat of history: the first known jet vs. jet air battles that occurred 60 years ago and came to be known famously as MiG Alley.

Avoiding War At Any Cost, usually costs too much

My deep down belief is that this is what happens when you don’t nip evil in the bud; the post-WWII division of Korea into north and south was only meant to be temporary. It is the evil of Communism and the UN that never reunited the nation as it should have been under freedom. Now, as a result, NoKo has been allowed to grow into a massive cancer rather than lancing it when it was more manageable. Look at the Palestinians–we should have stopped that when it started over 40 years ago, or stood back and allowed Israel to do so. Now it is utterly out of control, with gutless leaders of other Muslim nations too cowardly to do what needs to be done, only willing to tell the truth behind closed doors as Wikileaks now reveals. Pathetic.
South Korea is becoming the Israel of the Far East…it has the right to defend itself, but is under enormous international pressure not to by gutless international cowards.

Cronkiting North Korea Won’t Work This Time; He’s dead, and we’re not buying it

More than what is being said and done is the alarming pattern being established. Why is that important? Because patterns are mathematical, and math is the language of the universe. No matter how hard we may want it to be different, we are not above the laws of math. No matter how many laws you enact declaring that 2 + 2=5, it is forever and always will be 4. Math cannot be Politically Castrated, manipulated with emotion, lies, or force. It simply “is.”
In fact, not only did we do nothing to help ourselves or our ally, the NoKo aggression succeeded. Yep, once again NoKo got good for evil. They gave death, and we gave words. According to our pattern, we will soon be sending them more bribe money and supplies, and encouraging other nations to do the same. And according to their patterns, they will attack again, only sooner and harder this time. I’ll bet we see something as big or bigger by the end of the year.