Miley Cyrus is in Dire Need of Some Politically Incorrect Parenting

When is a child, not a child? Could it be when she can arouse an adult?
Of course the answer is a resounding NO. And if that question made you sick to your stomach, I apologize– and congratulate you. Obviously you are among the few, with enough functioning gray matter to understand that just because a [...]

Leg Thrills and Spine Chills With Chris Matthews: “This Idiotic Cerebral Meritocracy Has Gotta Step Aside”—The Thrill is Gone

It’s always a sad thing to see the flame die in a lover’s eyes. You know the moment, when reality meets fantasy, when the stark white light of reality shines, and blind adoration is forever lost.
Chris Matthews, MSNBC’s host of Hardball, who was once as giddy as a schoolboy over Barack Obama, experienced that moment [...]

Politically Correct Purity is More Important Than Saving the Environment

Obama’s dream team of top scientists, charged with solving the BP oil spill, has been found to have an undesirable amongst them. Washington University physics professor Jonathan Katz has been dismissed from the endeavor.
Why? You ask. Was it because his roommate was running a male prostitution ring out of their apartment? No. That wouldn’t do [...]

Marxist Preacher on the BP Oil Spill: “It’s a Religious Issue”

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who worship the Creator and those who worship the creation.
Those who worship the Creator were charged with working the land and caring for it. But alas, these words of old have been long forgotten.
The Creation worshipers began to create laws, and more laws, and still [...]

Read My Lips: Christianity Does Not Teach Socialism

Hearing loss runs in our family. Two of my children, and three grandchildren have losses that range from a moderate loss to profoundly deaf. My oldest son has a “severe-moderate” loss, and learned to read lips early. You might be surprised to know that none of them consider themselves handicapped.
My oldest, as I mentioned, Chris, [...]

Obama Calls Brad Paisley- Tell Nashville FEMA is Here!

And we thought the president didn’t care about Nashville and the Middle Tennessee flood! That he didn’t call. He didn’t care about the people that died sitting in traffic, the people that drowned in their own homes, or the families looking for missing loved ones. He didn’t consider another billion dollars’ worth of damage to [...]

Left Creates New Class of Victims, Illegal Aliens, While Real Victims Are Smeared as Racists

People often say there is nothing worse than losing a child. Yes there is. Losing a child is only the beginning of the grief. How that child died is the other half. That knowledge will either bring a modicum of comfort, or intensify the pain.
While the Left uses their usual tactics to muster feelings of [...]

The Worst Disaster Since the Civil War But Not as News Worthy as an Oil Spill

While Katie Couric and Michael Bloomberg were surmising that Tea Party Patriots were behind the failed New York bombing, Nashville was waking up to the aftermath of the area’s largest rainfall in 500 years.
The storms began rolling in Saturday afternoon as I watched the radar. By early evening, I was glued to the local news. [...]

The Vaccine “War” or Potential Vaccine-gate?

The vaccine-autism controversy is, and should be, an issue of concern to all parents. When you consider that most vaccines are compulsory, the current autism rate, and our uncertain future in hands of ObamaCare, how this controversy plays out should be of concern to all of us.
As I was sifting through the numerous opinions on [...]

New Study Finds Missing Link between Autism and Vaccines

Pop quiz: What does Amish population in Lancaster County, Pa. and the diverse populations in Chicago’s Cook County, IL have in common? Answer: They both have thousands of children who have never been vaccinated, and don’t have autism.
For years parents have voiced their concerns over the rise in Autism and a suspected link to childhood [...]