Will Abortion Kill ObamaCare? Part 2: A Fable of Compromise

Editor’s Note: This is Part 2 of 2 in a series of posts by Rhonda Robinson regarding Hardball host Chris Matthews’ reporting on the fight over abortion and Obamacare. Click here for Part 1
Once upon a time there was a frog that lived on the riverbank. Life was good. The frog was full and happy; [...]

Will Abortion Kill ObamaCare? Part 1

Our world has changed immensely since the 1970s: computers no longer fill an entire room, we don’t play records with a needle, and we can watch a fetus that weighs less than a few paper clips as her heart beats while she sleeps inside her mother’s womb.
The abortion debate has also changed since the seventies. [...]

Lunch Break

Our 17 year old son’s latest trip to the ER ended in this prescription
Mind your mother daily until the day you die.

Lunch Break is NewsReal’s daily apolitical post. (We all need a break from this political stuff every now and then!) When commenting on Lunch Break posts do not start political, religious, or philosophical debates. [...]

When is Discrimination a Good Thing? When You’re Discriminating Between Muslims and Islamists

In the wake of 911, the White House went to great measure to assure the Islamic community that America was not at war with Muslims. To the extent, that it initiated a campaign to entice Muslims to join our military. West Point, along with other service academies and military installations, opened prayer rooms and recruited [...]

Chris Matthews’ Epiphany: the Left is Obama’s Problem

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman, Michael Steele inadvertently flipped the light on for Obama faithful, Chris Matthews host of MSNBC Hardball. Although it was on, it was too dim for Matthews to see the entire picture.
Matthews’ started his interview with Steele by peppering his questions with insulting statements, calling conservatives “wing-nuts.” It didn’t take long [...]

Has Chris Matthews Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’?

Coming from a man who usually possesses the objectivity of a lovesick puppy when it comes to Obama, Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s Hardball sounded out of character when he barked at White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, accusing the president of hanging out with the rich cats, and smelling like a Clinton.
Matthews: “You’re a [...]

Anita Dunn Shares Her Murderous Mentor

Editor’s Note: For More of NewsReal’s “Chairman Dunn: Stand-Up Comedian” Campaign click here.
“Power comes from the barrel of a gun.” — Mao Zedong
Tennis legend Andre Agassi admits to having used Crystal Meth; Paris Hilton considers herself a role model for young girls; and presidential adviser and communications director Anita Dunn tells high-school students that the communist mass [...]

Chris Matthews Does Not Understand the Military

When my husband and I lived in West Berlin during the late 1970s, it was a common joke that if war broke out, the enemy would simply hang up POW signs. I really didn’t get the joke at the time. So my husband explained, “We are 110 miles inside communist country. All those armed guards stationed on [...]