ObamaCare Faces Tough Judicial Crowd


Is there hope for another favorable ruling for liberty?

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Besieging the Israeli Border: A Syrian Production


The Assad regime manufactures Naksa Day riots to divert attention from the blood on its hands.

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Showdown Over Libya


Speaker Boehner demands that the president seek congressional authorization or make plans for withdrawal.

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Tests Ahead for New Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair


How is Army Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey equipped for the task?

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Al-Qaeda on the Move in Yemen


The terrorist group seizes towns as the country falls into civil war.

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Uncertain Odds for Wisconsin Government Union Law


Legal challenges and the Left’s recall efforts put the legislation in jeopardy.

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Netanyahu Imparts ‘Unvarnished Truth’ at AIPAC


Israel is not what’s wrong with the Middle East — Israel is what’s right with the Middle East.

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Obama ‘Clarifies’ 1967 Border Demands


The president tries to retreat from his Thursday speech, but his betrayal of Israel is unmistakable.

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Iran’s Nuclear Program Revived


The Islamic Republic recoups from the Stuxnet virus.

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The Mideast Takes Center Stage in Washington


Obama’s ignorance of Middle East issues on full display this week.

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