Ahmadinejad’s Deadly Triumph in Lebanon


Iran’s despot embraces Israel’s sworn enemy — in a country fast falling into jihadi hands.

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Who Lost Lebanon?


Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s surrender to Hezbollah and Syria is in full swing.

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Fantasies and Obamanomics


The president’s new “stimulus” proposal offers a sequel to a movie that wasn’t successful in the first place.

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Looking for Islamophobia in all the Wrong Places


The Left reacts to the stabbing of a NYC Muslim cabbie with its usual wish-fulfilling fantasies.

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Bloomberg and Illusions of Tolerance


The real reason the Left hurls its ugly insults of racism and bigotry.

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Pakistan’s Real Disaster


As floods devastate the country, Islamists reap the benefit.

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Obama’s Arizona Betrayal

Arizona Immigration Lawsuit

The real story behind the deadly chaos on the border — and how the administration twists it.

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The Worst Kept Secret


WikiLeaks sheds disturbing light on Pakistan’s two faces in the terror war.

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Israel’s Critics and Hollow Lies


Dismantling the propaganda one lie at a time.

Obama’s Empty Gestures


When will the administration honor Daniel Pearl’s memory with real action on global free press?