I See Your Hiroshima and Raise You a Nagasaki

I do not lightly use the names of the only cities in history obliterated by the use of atomic weapons. The nature of the cause in which they forever stand as sentinels of determination precludes their use for any profane purpose. I wouldn’t use such loaded terms unless the issue at hand wasn’t equally as [...]

Conservatives Have to Understand what Marxists Understood Long Ago: Change Starts With Students

Marxists believe in “False Consciousness.” It’s part of their theory of class warfare. False Consciousness is the belief that through the long-term and systemic misrepresentation of reality by the dominant class, the consciousness of the subordinate class is warped in such a way they cannot perceive they’re being exploited. Marx based his work on the [...]

Dream From Our Forefathers

By forsaking the dream of our forefathers we have embraced the nightmare of their oppressors forging again the very chains our revolutionary ancestors shattered.