Why Isn’t Eliot Spitzer in Prison?

The only thing worse than the survival of Nevada Senator Harry Reid on election night was seeing serial criminal and abuser of women Eliot Spitzer opining on election results for CNN. Make no mistake about it; if Spitzer was a Republican he’s be making license plates at an upstate New York prison. Spitzer violated the [...]

700 Pieces of Silver for Kathleen Parker

I would have so much more respect for Kathleen Parker who has agreed to co-anchor at CNN with world-class slimeball Eliot Spitzer if she would just admit she is doing it for the $700,000 CNN is paying her. (Client # 9 is only getting $400,000.) But trying to whitewash and rationalize Spitzer’s sins in a [...]

Eliot Spitzer Gets a Hollywood Make-Over From Leftist Propagandist

Hollywood has always liked the biopic – the biographical film that erases the subject’s warts and extols his virtues is a tried and true formula that dates back to Raymond Massey in “Abraham Lincoln,” Jimmy Stewart in “The Jimmy Dorsey Story” and Larry Parks in “The Jolson Story.” Jolson, sometimes called the World’s Greatest Entertainer [...]