Pete Seeger’s Continuing Naivete on How to Achieve Peace

Despite his apparent good will in refusing the pleas of the far Left anti-Israeli activists, Pete Seeger’s decision to participate via the Internet on a world-wide Peace in the Middle East Rally emanating in Israel, the noted folksinger is only revealing his naiveté. As the JTA story reports, “Seeger has rejected calls by individuals and organizations [...]

Not in Our Name: The “One Nation” March – Today’s Trade Unions, and the Left

There was a time when the mainstream trade union movement confined itself to union concerns—a union contract that guaranteed a decent standard of living, and in turn for a negotiated agreement with the corporation, guaranteed labor stability and productivity. Large corporations learned quickly, as did the leadership of General Electric in the 1930’s, that signing [...]

A Washington DC Play and Forum NRB Readers Should Consider Attending

The following is not so much of a blog post, but an announcement about a discussion taking place in Washington, D.C., tomorrow night, (Saturday, Oct.2) at 9:30 pm after the 8 p.m. performance at Theater J in Washington, D.C. NRB readers in the D.C. area might well want to attend, so I’m posting this on [...]

How to Make Sure the Flight of the Intellectuals does not Become the Flight of the Conservatives

You identify four forces that should be educated about the very real threat posed by radical Islam, or  Islamofascism- or whatever term one chooses to call those who subscribe to its theories. The best place to start to learn about it is Jeffrey Herf’s important book, Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World, and Paul Berman’s new [...]