Turkish Military Chiefs Resign


Losing one of our most important allies to Islamism.

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Qaddafi Claims Alliance With Islamists

Protestors Demonstrate Against The UN Intervention In Libya

It’s a good time to be a jihadist in Libya.

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Creeping Islamism in Scandinavia


Why Norway attacks may cause vulnerable countries to overlook a growing threat.

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Getting Tougher on Syria


Clinton surprises, meets with opposition activists.

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Obama Confirms Iran, Al-Qaeda ‘Secret Deal’


New urgency to the threat posed by a nuclear Islamic Republic.

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Fort Hood II Foiled


Awlaki inspires another homegrown terror plot.

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Russia Tied to Attack Near US Embassy in Georgia


Campaign of violence against American ally continues.

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Confronting Muslims of the Americas


Keynote speaker says US may be destroyed by Allah for Koran burning.

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Motorcycle Assassins Strike Again?


Suspicions heighten over the existence of a covert campaign to destroy Iran’s nuclear program.

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Terror in Norway


Attacks kill at least 80 at youth camp.

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