Jon Stewart: GOP Should Be Paying News Corp

Bias in the media is something I’m coming to just accept as a fact of life. The editorialization of cable news is pretty much complete, as people want to be entertained by feisty arguments and reinforcements of their opinion. The best way to react to it isn’t to moan and groan but to counter it, [...]

Jon Stewart vs. Dick Armey: Comedian Wins Again

Another bout goes to Jon Stewart. Dick Armey was promoting his new book about the Tea Party on The Daily Show last night and let’s just say it just didn’t work out for him or his cause. The only way it can help the Tea Party movement is by exposing the areas it needs work [...]

Stephen Colbert Intelligently Discusses Intelligence

“Small is better,” said Richard Clarke to Stephen Colbert on last night’s episode of “The Colbert Report.” And Colbert seemed to agree with him, mocking the horde of intelligence agencies we have, who then have tens of thousands of personnel, contractors and bureaucratic red tape. In his words, on 9/11 we failed to connect the [...]

The Tricks of Hezbollah


The tense Lebanese-Israel border erupts in a bloody clash — but was it all a smoke screen?

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Jon Stewart Really Doesn’t Get the 9/11 Mosque Controversy

Last night on “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart joined the chorus of those thinking the criticism of the 9/11 mosque project is driven by anti-Muslim bigotry. Like most issues, the 9/11 mosque project is complex, and to reduce it to a single theme is simplistic and deceiving. Stewart took aim at Glenn Beck for saying [...]

Israel’s Crunch Time


Russia will load fuel rods into Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor on August 21.

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Ryan Mauro’s Last Day in Israel: I Stand With Israel

This is how I feel inside as I prepare to head to the airport. My trip is coming to an end. I now have to say goodbye to my Israeli friends who I’ve had so much fun with. Stand With Us’ Once in a Lifetime project is something special. It doesn’t just educate people—it bonds [...]

Mauro in Israel Day 10: Random Observations About Israel

Thank you to Stand With Us’ Once in a Lifetime project for making this trip possible! Yesterday was a more relaxed day. We had a lot of free time, some of which I used to briefly talk with Noam Shalit, the father of the Israeli soldier kidnapped by Hamas who is still held today. His [...]

Mauro in Israel Day 9: Palestinians Should Be Thankful For the “Apartheid Wall”

Thank you to Stand With Us’ Once in a Lifetime project for making this trip possible! Today we visited the dreaded “Apartheid Wall” of Israel that supposedly makes life hell for Palestinians by boxing them into an inescapable cage of misery, lost opportunity and occupation. This is my second time visiting the security fence in [...]

Latin American Brawl


Colombia confronts Venezuela for supporting FARC terrorists.

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