Iran: No to Mullets, Yes to Colbert

Iran is moving in a more Saudi-style direction in order to stem the tide of Western culture and oppress its rebelling youth that threatens the life of the regime. Last night on The Colbert Report, the country’s Morality and Veil Festival was discussed. Wow, that sounds like a great time. I’ll be sure to bring [...]

What’s This? Jon Stewart Defending Religion?!

I never thought I’d say this, but Jon Stewart has made a point in favor of religion. During his interview with Marilynn Robinson, author of Absence of Mind, they discussed the compatibility of science with religion. And then Stewart, perhaps not even realizing the significance of his statement, that “…the more you delve into science, [...]

Muslim Enclaves U.S.A.


Building the American caliphate, one designated “no-go-zone” at a time.

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Jon Stewart: Useful Idiot for the Muslim Brotherhood

Jon Stewart thinks that the outcry over the construction of mosques in places like Tennessee, Staten Island, and Ground Zero is because Christians view Islam as competition. In a segment that paints people like Robert Spencer and Steve Emerson in the worst possible light, he makes it seem like they oppose the construction of all [...]

Dissent in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards


The Mullahs can no longer trust the force tasked with keeping them in power.

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After Watching This Daily Show Segment, You Will Never Look at Michael Steele and Not Laugh

Thank you, Jon Stewart and The Daily Show staff. You may have given me my new favorite comedic character, although Dwight and Kevin from The Office and Charlie from Always Sunny in Philadelphia are strong competition. The Michael Steele muppet is nothing short of genius—and nothing short of fatal to Steele’s credibility. Anyone who sees [...]

The Daily Show Provides Tip to Winning War on Radical Islam

I bet you’d never see a headline like that. Thursday night on The Daily Show, Jere Van Dyk, who was held hostage by the Taliban for 45 days, was interviewed. He told an interesting story, but there was one key thing that every counter-insurgency/terrorism strategist should know: Tribal code supersedes Sharia law. Even the Al-Qaeda-types [...]

I’m Going Further Than Kristol: Steele Shouldn’t Only Resign As RNC Chairman—He Should Resign from Politics

Nope, that’s Billy Crystal. I’m talking about Bill Kristol.
Bill Kristol (the one from The Weekly Standard), is calling for RNC Chairman Michael Steele to resign after making horrendously idiotic comments about the war in Afghanistan. I’ll take it a step further: He should retire from politics altogether.
His comments on Afghanistan were a cornucopia of stupidity. [...]

Marxist Director Oliver Stone Endorses Alan Grayson But Forgets Why

Oliver Stone with his buddy, Hugo Chavez, as Creepy McWeirdo stares behind them
Man, what is it with this guy? Oliver Stone has endorsed Alan Grayson for Congress in a video for the campaign now posted on YouTube. His chief reason is Grayson’s anti-war credentials. Stone says he served in Vietnam, and “didn’t understand what I [...]

Guest on Colbert Report: The Internet is Making You Stoopid

So, like, this dude, Nicholas Carr was on The Colbert Report whose last name reminds me that Transformers 2 totally sucked, and hey, did you know that Megan Fox isn’t going to be in the next one? Yeah, that’s what happens when you diss your director. Hey, did you see Nicholas Carr on The Colbert [...]