A New Threat to Free Speech on Campus

Campus lefists and administrators discover the academic equivalent of the poll tax….

Fascist Tactics at UC Irvine

A Muslim mob heckles Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren….

Little-Known Group Draws Some Big-Time Conservatives

David Horowitz speaks at an Educational Policy Conference in St. Louis.

Saint Louis U’s Inverted Values

SLU welcomes a diversity of speakers….as long as they’re on the Left.

Academics Get Reality Check

There is such a disconnect between what colleges and universities offer and what students need that even professors are starting to notice.

Class Warfare Entrenched

An English professor is trying to sell his class on society’s collective guilt.

The Death of a Radical

Feminist professor Mary Daly famously banned men from her Introduction to Feminist Ethics courses.

Professor Is a Label That Leans to the Left

Instead of looking at why most professors are liberal, researchers should ask why so many liberals — and so few conservatives — want to be professors

Another Bad Idea: “Diversifying” Science Faculties

Should universities weigh race and ethnicity in deciding whom to hire for their science departments?

Radical Academic Credos

Radical DePaul professor uses the MLA as a podium to bash Horowitz’s campaign for academic freedom.