Politicizing the Tucson Tragedy Not Without Precedent

Sadly, the Left’s attempt to politicize the Arizona shooting is not without precedent in America.

To CAIR or Not To Care: Homegrown Terror and Domestic Radicalization

American born terrorists are trying to kill us. Since 9/11, nearly fifty terrorist plots, germinated in the United States and aspiring to inflict substantial casualties on the American public, have been uncovered in various stages of development.

Obama Tax Deal Presents Confusing Picture for the Economy

Barack Obama’s watered down attempt to extend the Bush tax cuts may have some in Washington anticipating a boon to the American economy, however, a deeper look at the picture it presents ends up revealing an image unlikely to please anyone. Amid the continuing debate about the proposed extension of the Bush tax cuts remain [...]

Mayhem in Sweden

Holiday shoppers and revelers in Stockholm, Sweden, tarrying throughout the popular shopping district on a leisurely weekend afternoon, were suddenly exposed to the violent and chaotic whims of Islamic fundamentalism. Within moments of each other, a car bomb exploded near a group of people in the area of Drottninggatan, while only yards away a suspected [...]