Animated Limbaugh Addresses an Independent Voter on “Family Guy”

Last night “Family Guy” featured a gracious appearance by Rush Limbaugh as himself in an episode titled “Excellence in Broadcasting.” The animated Rush attends a book signing at the Quahog Mall, where ultra-liberal family member and talking canine Brian waits in line just to insult Rush, who gently suggests that Brian read one of his [...]

SNL Mocks Obama, Pelosi for Their Eloquent Grace Under Fire

“Saturday Night Live” (SNL) is held up by “television historians” as a paragon of insightful, ruthless satire of the political scene. Whatever merits SNL might have once had in that department, lately its level of political analysis has been about as deep as the shot glasses its writers undoubtedly empty before they pen each week’s [...]

Boehner’s Bone-Headed Remarks on Tax Cuts

On the first season of “The Apprentice,” there was a character who got fired because of a comment she made to Donald Trump in explaining her team’s failure to win that week’s challenge, a remark that implied her team had been “duped” by the other side.  Everyone was mystified why she would make, as Trump [...]

Obama’s Playing the Claw Game With Our Economy

I’m sure you’ve seen those claw or crane games at arcades or amusement parks—huge glass boxes filled with prizes and a mechanical claw you remotely operate to grab at the goodies and try to haul something out before your time is up. The game can be frustrating: the claw is hard to maneuver, and it [...]