J Street Crowd Gives Call for Revolution in Israel a Standing Ovation

J Street audience applauds call for revolution in Israel.

Constant War and a Weak Israel Are Bad for Mideast Peace: A Response to Patrick Seale

Patrick Seale, the British writer, takes to ForeignPolicy.com to offer the loony theory that the Egypt-Israel peace treaty is responsible for the lack of peace, and what’s needed is more Arab war against Israel.

The Forward Defends Rutgers Anti-Zionist Event, Denigrates Holocaust Victims and Slanders Israeli Troops

There is an article in this week’s edition of the Forward that should leave the pro-Israel students and supporters at Rutgers University feeling encouraged about their recent protest of a pro-Palestinian event that was designed to denigrate the Holocaust.

But the Rutgers students should also reserve some energy for a tinge of outrage.