The Obama Administration’s Slavery Disgrace


Why the White House ignores Islamic slavery in Mauritania.

Obama Administration Insults Memory of Armenian Holocaust

arm gen

State Department calls upon Armenians to release Azeri Muslim terrorists who murdered Christian teenager.

France Surrenders


French prime minister admits his powerlessness to stop Islamist terrorist attacks.

The European Left’s War On Christianity


Femen activist violates Nativity Scene on St. Peter’s Square.

France’s Anti-Semitic Nightmare


The land of enlightenment becomes the land of darkness.

Saved by Love from the Islamic State


Dutch mother daringly rescues her daughter, and jihad-bride-to-be, from the claws of ISIS.

‘Cuddly’ Justice For Muslim Terrorists in Germany


Germans outraged by light sentences court gives to al-Qaeda killers.

Belgium’s Death Spiral


Only months after giving children the right to ask to die, euthanasia claims yet another category of victims.

Defending Jerusalem in Europe


Thousands of ex-Israeli military personnel now protecting European synagogues.

‘Exodus’ – French-Style


Anti-Semitic violence has France’s Jews heading to the exits.