Muslim Axe-Murderer Freed After Killing Armenian Officer


Criminal receives hero’s welcome in native Azerbaijan.

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Hospital Terror In Denmark


Seventy Muslim men invade emergency area to “finish off’ victim shot during Eid al-Fitr celebration.

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Down’s Syndrome Girl’s Arrest for Blasphemy in Pakistan


A symptom of a sick and deformed culture.

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Bin Laden Bodyguard Discovered in Germany


Active jihadist agent has been operating freely and converting others to the cause.

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The United Church of Canada’s Israel Boycott


But a conspicuous silence on real human rights atrocities around the world.

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Obama’s Disappearance On Darfur


The president’s broken election promise to black African victims of genocide.

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Terrorist Attack Thwarted Against English Defence League


A civil explosion avoided in Great Britain?

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Turkey’s Hypocrisy Over Gaza


Where is the international outrage over the 20-year blockade of Armenia?

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Corruption: The Modern-Day Plague of Egypt


The Muslim Brotherhood campaigns for Sharia law as the answer.

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Azerbaijan: Israel’s Back Door To Iran


Caucasian state’s importance to Israel increases as war looms.

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