Islamists’ New Terror Front in Egypt


The darkness of the “Arab Spring” descends on Israel.

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Libya: End In Sight?


Gaddafi’s days may be numbered.

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The Berlin Wall: The Symbol of an Evil Empire


On 50th anniversary of wall’s construction, German leftists boycott moment of silence for its victims.

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China: Pakistan’s True Ally


The duplicitous country shows where its true allegiance lies.

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Libya: The Chaos Grows


Mysterious killing of rebel army leader increases NATO frustration.

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‘Sharia-Controlled Zones’ Sweep UK


One has to wonder about the timing.

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The Order of the Death Cult


Norwegian killer repeats evil of other death-worshiping terrorists.

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Cashing In On Kashmir


Pakistani military subverts American law by making illegal donations to American politician.

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Germany’s Leftist Hypocrisy

Touching down

Prominent German publication criticizes drone campaign that is targeting German convert-terrorists.

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The Death of an African People?


Sudan’s Nuba tribes face annihilation — and the first African-American president says nothing.

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