Africa’s Shameful Secret


Demonstration in Mauritania to free a ten-year-old slave girl ends in convictions – of the demonstrators.

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Lockerbie Bomber Betrayal


Gratitude for American assistance seems to have evaporated even before the guns have gone silent.

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Libya: Who Won?


Rebels may face impossible task in rebuilding a ruined, fragmented nation.

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Victory or Martyrdom?


The battle for Tripoli was swift, but the Libyan leader’s end may be long and bloody.

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Libya: From Gaddafi to Chaos?


NATO looks to get the oil flowing again, but more violence and instability appear inevitable.

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Islamists’ New Terror Front in Egypt


The darkness of the “Arab Spring” descends on Israel.

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Libya: End In Sight?


Gaddafi’s days may be numbered.

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The Berlin Wall: The Symbol of an Evil Empire


On 50th anniversary of wall’s construction, German leftists boycott moment of silence for its victims.

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China: Pakistan’s True Ally


The duplicitous country shows where its true allegiance lies.

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Libya: The Chaos Grows


Mysterious killing of rebel army leader increases NATO frustration.

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