Genocide In Sudan – Again


The Islamist Arab regime renews its slaughter of Africans — and the world remains silent.

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Target Berlin


Austrian convert to Islam is arrested in a 9/11-style plot to destroy the German parliament.

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The Libyan War: NATO’s Twilight?


The military weakness of the international alliance is on full display.

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The Dark World of the Arab Child Slave Trade


Where is the world’s attention and moral indignation?

Target: North Waziristan


Clinton visit produces Pakistani offensive against terrorist stronghold, but will our “ally” deliver or continue its duplicity?

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A War Criminal’s Arrest

Ratko Mladic

Is Serbia’s EU membership bid connected to Ratko Mladic’s downfall?

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Sudan: Obama’s Next Middle Eastern Dilemma?


Attack by the Islamic North threatens a new civil war.

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Obama’s Unrealizable Middle East Perestroika


Ignoring the inability of a crippled culture to meet the demands of the modern world.

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The Middle East’s Looming Hunger Crisis


Rising food prices threaten to exacerbate regional instability.

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Libya: An Ugly War Getting Uglier


A turning point for anti-Gaddafi forces.

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