New Program Puts Millions at Risk


The most vulnerable Americans are affected.

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Job Creation Blindness


Is a large, growing government really conducive to higher economic performance?

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Unions’ Comeuppance and Opportunity


Unions win some and lose some. The taxpayer always loses.

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Obama in Wonderland


How many federal subsidies will be spent for such minimal gain?

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Billions in U.S. Waste

Royalty-Free Stock Photography by Rubberball

The impartial Government Accountability Office splashes mud in the eyes of spendthrift lawmakers and the administration.

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Judge Orders: Appeal Obamacare Now


Judge Vinson gives the Obama Justice Department one week to act.

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Rubber Crutches for States


What should be done with the 1,122 federal aid programs that cost taxpayers $653.7 billion?

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How the Left Nurtures Unions


Obama has been giving unions a leg up since first becoming president.

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Big Government’s New Habit


The Obama administration will try to correct the FDA’s imposition on the drug market with more government.

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Medicaid Mess


The one entitlement that outspends all other social spending combined — but how can it be fixed?

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