An official statement from the MSA at Temple University

Geert Wilders is due to speak on Temple University campus on October 20th. The Muslim Students Association displays their lack of respect for freedom of speech by asking Temple University to rescind the invitation for Mr. Wilders to speak on campus.

Geert Wilders to speak at Columbia University

Mr. Wilders will speak on October 21st, co-sponsored by the Horowitz Freedom Center. This article is from the BWOG, the main online news source for Columbia University campus. “College Republicans Go For A Dutch-Flavored Controversy.”


There will be several events throughout the week including a movie screening and a keynote speaker. The week will begin with a screening of The Third Jihad, a film about radical Islamists driven by religious opposition to the West and their attempts to overcome the western world. The movie will be shown on Monday evening, October 12th. The week will conclude with a keynote address by Congressman Tom Tancredo. The speech will be held Thursday, October 15th at 7:00pm in the third floor Marvin Center Amphitheater.

Did SLU block conservative Horowitz from speaking on campus? Depends on who you ask

From the St. Louis Beacon – Why we’re being defended by the AAUP.

Evidence of Hamas’ Cowardice and Abuse of the Laws of War – Video

Fighting the Campus War Against Israel and the Jews: the Muslim Students Association

One of the 10 worst organizations leading the Campus War Against Israel and the Jews.

The Campus War Against Israel and the Jews

Today the Terrorism Awareness Project and Frontpage begin an investigative series about the individuals and organizations that are waging an all out war on American college campuses against Israel and the Jews.

A Jewish state threatens all humanity: Official PA news agency

From Palestinian Media Watch

Jew-Hate at Jewish Film Festival

Organizers of San Francisco Jewish Film Festival plan screening of anti-Israeli propaganda film and speech by anti-Israeli activist.