Syria, Cannibalism and Videotape


The dark chapters of Islam and human sacrifice.

Holocaust of Christians in the Muslim World on the Horizon


Islamic Jihad sharpens its fangs, as the West turns a blind eye.

Dzokhar Tsarnaev — A Hero Amongst Chechens


The glorification by Chechens of the surviving Boston bomber sends a dire warning to the U.S.A.

The Business of Arming Terrorists


While disarming Americans.

A Day in the Tortured Life of Christians in the Middle East


How the Left aids and abets Islam’s war on the Church.

Obama’s Reelection Simply Means More Power To Islamists


The Islamist domino effect in the Middle East is transpiring right before our eyes.

Islam and Environmentalism: United in Anti-Humanism

Picture 7

When ideology devalues the status of mankind, horrifying results ensue.

Morsi: The Common Tyrant


Christians beware.

The Lost Verses of the Quran


Why, in old books on Islam, are there references to verses in the Quran which cannot be found in today’s copies?

The Coming Storm of Blood For Egypt’s Copts


The Salafi Muslims show their fangs — and the Obama administration reveals which side it’s on.