Betrayed Illusions: The Left and the Jews


How Bolshevik internationalism degenerated into vicious anti-Semitism.

The Politics of Resentment


How utopian fanaticism remains a main feature of our times.

Why Kolakowski Matters


A reflection on one of the noblest apostates in the history of ideas.

Hannah Arendt and the Catastrophes of the 20th Century


A new film brings to life the persona of the much-debated philosopher.

Premises of Liberty: In Memoriam Kenneth Minogue (1930-2013)


A reflection on a towering nemesis to all those magnetized by the utopian lie.

The Red Fascism of Colonel Chavez

Venezuela's President Chavez speaks next to Iran's President Ahmadinejad during an agreement-signing ceremony in Tehran

Why the Venezuelan comandante was the real successor of Stalin and Hitler.

Truth, Memory, Dignity: Why Does Monica Lovinescu Matter?


Remembering one of the most important figures of the Eastern and Central European anti-totalitarian thought.

Ideological Sociopath: Stalin Reads Machiavelli


The consequences of considering vice a virtue.

Back to Lenin? Bolshevism as Barbarism


The hymns honoring the architect of a criminal system that exterminated millions continue.

The Virtue of Lucidity: Yuri Glazov and the Fate of Communism


A Soviet dissident’s account of totalitarianism’s haunting infiltration of the Russian psyche.