ObamaCare: Exposing Citizens to Identity Theft, Fraud

Definition of fraud

House Republicans’ warning to America.

De Facto Amnesty for Child Rapists


The newest “prosecutorial discretion” directive for deportation cases.

Bikers Ride to D.C.


Patriots act to counter anti-American hate and honor their fallen compatriots.

Obama’s IRS Still Persecuting Conservatives


The more leftist bullying changes, the more it stays the same.

ObamaCare: Exposing Americans’ Personal Information


How bureaucratic incompetence may be putting millions of people at risk.

The White House’s Visas-for-Terrorists Program


A new report raises more questions than answers on why a known jihadist was allowed in the U.S.

ObamaCare’s Unraveling

obamacare supreme court-cropped-proto-custom_28

How one new program’s demise may imperil the entire system.

Crony Capitalism at the IRS


The taxpayer-dollar spigot is open.

The Radical Hijacking of the Zimmerman Verdict


How socialist groups around the country are exploiting the controversy for their devious ends.

‘Justice for Trayvon’ Chicago: ‘Racism Is in DNA of America’


A rally against America’s “genocide.”