Hitler Finds Out that Scott Walker Won the Wisconsin Recall Election


A bad day at DNC Headquarters.

The Devil We Don’t Know in Syria — on The Glazov Gang


The sparks fly on Frontpage’s television debate show.

Five Pearls of Wisdom for Young Leftists


Key lessons not taught in universities.

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The Face of Islam: Kuffars Beware!


An undercover investigation yields a shocking exposé on mosques in the United Kingdom.

Obama Media Machine: Soaring Gas Prices a Good Thing


Stunning Democratic hypocrisy over an issue once relentlessly used to savage the Bush administration.

Iran and Obama’s Delaying Game


Treating the Islamic Republic like a Chicago neighborhood waiting to be engaged is a recipe for disaster.

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The Land of Obama Make-Believe


After killing many thousands of blue-collar jobs, the president heads to Disney World and high-rolling Manhattan fund-raisers.

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Presidential Nonsense


Obama once again reveals his economic ignorance.

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Ron Paul’s Black Execution Claim Debunked


Why the accusation is an unadulterated falsehood.

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The Bank of (Democratic Party) America


The latest payoff to fat cat bankers from the party of the “99 percent.”

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