Rolling Back the Obamacare Banana Republic


Guess who is outraged at the administration’s federal health care power grab now?

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Forgotten Stars


Three recent sports biographies raise questions about who is remembered and why.

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The Palestinians’ Blossoming Failed State


The world is on the verge of endorsing a deteriorating welfare state with no semblance of government.

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The Peaceful Palestinian ‘Fly-In’ Lie


Allegedly “non-violent” activists fly to Israel to stone soldiers and destroy the security fence.

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Keeping Up with Van Jones


The ousted Obama administration czar wonders what the rich are doing with his money.

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Beware of Dr. Jihad


Internal explosives highlight the trend of murder-minded Muslim physicians trained in the West.

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Obama’s High-Paid ‘Engagers’


The economic outlook for Obama flacks looks rosier than ever.

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Time Magazine: We Don’t Need No Stinking Constitution


Can the nation survive the era of Constitution-irrelevance?

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When Talking Points Trump Reality


What’s the truth about taxing the rich and government-controlled medicine?

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State Dept. Official Hails Che Guevara as Symbol of Freedom


A man who sought to criminalize even thoughts of individuality is praised for his empowerment of the individual.

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