The New Middle East: A Graveyard


Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh embarks on an Arab Spring tour to put a human face on his inhuman terrorist organization.

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Kodak and the Post Office


A tale of two bankruptcies.

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The Media and the Palestinians’ Big Lie


How bad journalism covered up the Palestinian Authority’s history of hate.

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Israel’s Strategic Importance Reaches New Level


US to deploy a record level of troops to Israel — will their stay be permanent?

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Obama’s Super-Czar Is on the Loose


Will Republicans retaliate against this underhanded power-grab?

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Why Israel Cannot Accept Palestinian Conditions


Abbas threatens “new measures” if conditions aren’t met by Jan. 26th.

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Stopping the EPA


An eleventh-hour court ruling saved the day for struggling Americans.

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South Sudan, Israel’s New Ally


A long time in the making.

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Why I Love Greed


What other human motivation gets the most wonderful things done?

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The Religious Left’s 2011 Meltdown


Top missteps of the last year.

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