Why the Left Shouldn’t Laugh at Religious Doomsday Predictions


Global warming is only the most recent End Times scenario offered by progressives.

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Memo to Arnold and the Media


There are no illegitimate kids, just illegitimate parents.

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Barack Hearts Hamas


The president embraces Muslim terrorists while setting the stage for a second Holocaust.

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Land of the Freeloaders


Why Stanley Thorton Jr.’s “adult baby” syndrome is a symptom of our Nanny State run amok.

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Whitewashing the Muslim Brotherhood


Which professors were the worst offenders?

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To Liberals, Every Woman Looks Like a Hotel Maid


The disgusting sexual behavior of liberal men has gone on for 200 years.

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West Coast Left Catches ObamaCare Waiver Fever


Nancy Pelosi’s constituents caught with their hands in the waiver jar.

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The “Common” Defense


Glorification of cop-killers and disdain for inter-racial dating are just the beginning of the rapper’s problems.

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Georgia Immigration Laws ‘Cruel’ Says Carlos Santana


But what about the singer’s Stalinist idol Che Guevara?

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Understanding Liberals


Living at the expense of others.

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