Fidel Castro “Resigns”?


Why change won’t be coming to the dictator’s fiefdom anytime soon.

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Will Sadr’s Islamist Army Return to Iraq?


Followers of the radial anti-American cleric flex their muscles.

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All the President’s Funny Money


As Obama renews his campaign coffers, his shady and illegal 2008 contributions still go unpunished.

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The Donald: Doing the Job the Media Won’t Do


Trump’s popularity has little to do with his viability as a presidential candidate.

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Bull About Bullying


Why no action will be taken against schoolyard antagonizers, despite public outrage.

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Why Don’t Christians Help…Christians?


A curious observation of the Christian world.

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Eric Holder’s Folly


Requiring the passing score on Dayton, Ohio’s Civil Service exam be lowered is an insult to black people.

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Liberal War Illusions


Why Obama’s handling of Libya is not disappointing.

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Blaming America for Islamist Persecution of Christians


The Religious Left continues its pathological mental gymnastics.

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Reflections on the Passing Scene


Why did the mainstream media express more outrage over Reagan than Mao Zedong?

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